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Begin as You Mean to Go On

I want to pretend the year starts tomorrow or next week. I'm sick. :( Anyway, I'm posting (ten minutes left of January 1st), so that I'll try to commit to posting more.

I'm currently reading Every Day by David Levithan. I only started it last night a little after midnight, but for the most part I'm enjoying it. It's not my usual style, but my usual style has been disappointing me lately, so I think it's good that I'm branching out. Though, if anyone has any good fantasy romance they want to recommend I'm all ears. Really, any recommendations will be welcome. I'm going to read more published books this year. 

I've written 600 words today. Technically, I'm about 3k behind in my goal to hav Thick as Blood ompleted at 100k by April, but that's not bad really. I started writin TaB n December 1st and I just crossed the 20k mark, so I'm doing good. I'm really proud of myself. I've wrote almost every day of December when in years past I've been happy writing 2k in all of December and January. And every month that doesn't have a nano event.

I also want to recommend wordery to my friends. It's a good way to have some accountability every day, week, or month. Plus, it keeps up with my stats. According to the spreadsheet, I've written 73k since I joined in October. I'm so proud of myself. I'm going to stop disappointing myself this year.

I think these are simple resolutions. Nothing too big. Nothing too specific. Completely doable goals. This is going to be a good year. I hope everyone has a great year!