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Day 11: Becoming a Rebel

Day 06: 17512
Day 07: 18015
Day 08: 21048
Day 09: 25001
Day 10: 28753
Day 11: 31519

It seems I can't get through a camp experience without becoming a rebel. In 2011, I rebelled because I became too fatigued with the one story and wound up adding words to four different things. In 2012, I rebelled by finishing the 2011 story and then starting its sequel. This year, I'm rebelling by writing 50k for the rewrite of 2012 sequel and then writing 25k in something else entirely. That something else entirely was going to be held off until August, but I changed my mind.

So, I'm going to write something for this contest, A Quirky Love Story. First, last and only prize: publication and $10,000. Deadline: October 1, 2013. No entry fee. 50k+ words.

Here's the plan. I write half of the story in July and then the rest in the first half of August. The second half will be a short little break and then September I tackle the editing. Currently, I hope to start writing on the 15th. That gives me three days to think of a quirky plot and some quirky characters and then write a quirky outline. I've had some plot ideas, but last nano taught me some good characters will make or break a plot for me.


  • New reaper needs to practice reaping on immortal love interest; something about reapers

  • Expand one of the thousands of love shorts floating around my computer

  • Something about Japanese mythology; kitsune x yuki-onna

I'm digging the reaper story the most. The second has some established characters, but if I thought their stories was worth a full-length book wouldn't I have written it already? The third sounds like it needs a lot of research.

Character Ideas:

  • Some kind of socially, awkward male


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Mar. 8th, 2018 04:12 pm (UTC)
Hey I think you were a mod for bigbang-mixup I was wondering if you had a masterlist of the fic that were posted for that challenge? I know the comm was suspended because that's was LJ says but I don't actually know what happened. I do know that there were a few submissions from the fandoms I am in.

Thanks so much.

take care!
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