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That's A Steaming Pile of...Novel

Day 17
  written: 2.5k
  goal: 2.4k
  total: 34k

This is the first time in a long time I've actually reached my word count goal for the day. My day wasn't half was productive, regarding schoolwork, but I did do some, so it wasn't a bum day. I'm pretty proud. I actually did some work early, which I never do. I'm feeling less and less overwhelmed, but I really can't wait to go home for the break. I haven't actually seen my family since...September. I think this is the longest I've gone without seeing them. 

Anyway, yeah, my story is just a steaming pile of novel. But I don't actually hate my story and I actually feel better about it than I have all week. I had an epiphany about my favorite character, who is still not my main character. I still haven't introduced my side characters, which is a little frustrating, but hopefully, hopefully that'll be tomorrow. I just feel like I'm 34k works in and I don't know where I am. Two days ago, there was a thread on the nano forums about 'do you think you're halfway through your novel?' and it depressed me, because so what I have a pretty good word count. I'm just lost. I'm a pantser, a proud pantser, but I also like to outline at least one chapter ahead, so I never actually have to slow down during transitions. Like I'm walking in the dark with a very small flashlight. I can just see where my next step is and I love it. And I generally know when I'm about to run into a wall or I'm really close to the exit. With this, someone stole my flashlight and my characters are laughing at me somewhere in the dark and I can't even find them.

But I have to remember, when December rolls around and the lights come on and I see what I've been stepping it, it's going to be ugly and smelly and steaming. And I'm going to want to run away and shut and lock the door. And then a couple of months later I'll open that door again and it'll still be ugly and a little smelly, but not as bad as I remember it. And I might want to go inside and look at it closely to see if there's something worth salvaging in the midst of all that...novel. Maybe there is and maybe there isn't, but I won't know if I leave before November and blow up the room. 

So, that's my pep talk to keep myself going. 

Day Sixteen.

Day 16
  written: 1k
  goal: ???
  total: 31.5k

Happy Halfway Day!

Day 15
  written: 1.5k
  goal: 2.4k
  total: 30.5k

I'm writing, but because I'm writing longhand I need to carve out more time in order to get my goal. I'm also catching up on my school work and feel less than completely overwhelmed. I'm going to start responding to comments now, I swear. And typing this up earlier so I have time to actually write things about my nano.

Writing Again.

Day 14
  written: 2k
  goal: 2.5k
  total: 29k

I was hoping to get to 30k today, but that's still really good considering I haven't been writing lately. I'm back to writing longhand because I keep getting distracted by Internetz. I need to finish an essay and then I can type up what I've written today and see about squeezing a couple of extra words from it. I still haven't gotten to that part that I was excited to write soo many days ago. I'm tired and my hand hurts, but I'm writing and I can't really complain.


I was really hoping to be done or really close to being done by Thanksgiving, because I never really write much over the break. I haven't written anything today and I only wrote 500 words yesterday.  I just haven't been able to write much recently. Tomorrow I'm meeting with a writing group and hopefully, I'll be able to do something. I think it's a combination of the weather and my classes just piling a bunch of crap on me all at the same time. I won't even be able to write very much over the weekend because on Monday I have a quiz and a presentation of a semester project and on Tuesday I have a French essay and a test. I just need to be really productive and get this shit done.

Kinda Pointless, But...

Day 12
  written: .5k
  goal: 2.5k
  total: 27k

I'll try to get to 30k tomorrow, but I don't really know. It's so hard to just get started everyday.

Where Is Everybody?

Day 11
  written: 3k
   goal: 2.5k
  total: 26.5k

 I haven't heard from my nano buddies in a while. I hope everything is okay, life-wise and writing-wise. 

Writing is so much easier and I'm going to enjoy tomorrow's writing session, so much. Sexytiems for my MC and her LI.
Day 10
  written: 2.8k
  goal: 2.6k
  total: 23.5k

I think I've been working on the same scene for the last three days. It's way too long and makes me want to change my MC, but I'm going to ignore it for the moment. I also almost got rid of the romance aspect, or at least the intended romance aspect of the story after the cold reception between Kachi and Annuid.

Actually, I could have worked with a cold reception. Instead, the two of them were indifferent to each other. They gave each other the same amount of attention as they gave everyone else in the scene. I was just about to completely drop that romantic subplot. And then, they had another scene together. Kachi was injured and they started chatting. And then I sort of accidentally, on purpose, got rid of all of Kachi's injuries, but they were still vibing on each other. It was awesome. They were arguing, but there was still that underlying current of respect for each other, that I'm just loving. 

And now, at a total word count of 23.5k, my story finally started for realz. The plot is just now getting underway and the characters are being themselves. This is also pretty much the last part that I had plotted out, but now that I've actually written to this point I sort of know what's happening now. I can bring all the key players in and show some more character relations. I'm really excited again. Also, I think I'm trying to be funny. I can't really tell until I reread this sometime when it's not November and see if I still think it's funny. But I'm having fun for now, so that's something.

Is It Really Day Nine?

Day 09
  written: 2.7k
  goal: 2.7k
  total: 20.7k

I'm going to keep writing tonight, but yeah that's the official end to my writing day. I would have written more, but I wound up talking to my mom for an hour and a half, mostly about the election. It was a good talk, I hadn't spoken to her in about a week and I feel like I was a little terse with her then, so it's was good.

Writing is...peculiar. I really have no idea where my story is heading. I have like a million subplots waiting to horn in on the story and bring some freshness, but I don't know how to get there. I'm in the middle of the scene where Kachi meets the villain and I can't help but think it's too soon or something. I want to hint at their relationship, but I don't know. I'm wondering if with the revelation of the villain if they'll be able to have their false leads and red herrings. So, yeah. I really need to do some plotting.


written: 1k
goal: 2.7k
total: 18k

Just trying to work on some projects. I'll catch up on my wordcount/make it to 25k sometime this weekend.

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